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Learning & Teaching

As stated in our Vision Statement, “St. Martin de Porres Parish School community…seeks to faithfully live the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition.”

Learning & Teaching

Religious Education

Religious education is at the centre of both the formal and informal Catholic school curriculum. Our school is characterized by a high proportion of Catholic teachers and students, with a visible Catholic symbolic culture and active sacramental and liturgical practices.

The values, ideals and challenges of the Gospel, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, find explicit expression in the curriculum and ethos of St. Martin’s, as do the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

A crucial part of a comprehensive primary school religious education program is the encounter of the Word of God with the experience of the person.

If catechesis (maturing in faith) is to occur there must be a meeting point between the Word of God and the experience of the person.

God’s Word as expressed in Scripture and Tradition must touch a person’s human experiences for the event of catechesis to take place. In this way a person is able to integrate the faith of the Catholic community with her/his human experience.


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