St Martin de Porres Parish

The school receives government funding to staff & run education programs, & interest free loans to build, because it is part of a ‘not for profit’ organisation called St. Martin de Porres Parish, however, it has been generous parishioners who built St. Martin’s de Porres school.

It is therefore crucial that we see ourselves as part of St. Martin’s Parish & that we therefore have an obligation to ensure both the larger parish and the smaller subset, the school, continue to exist.

This means, as members of the parish & school community, that not only should school, curriculum & building fees be supported financially, but that some contribution should also be made in the form of parish thanksgiving, to the Church.

St. Martin de Porres Parish is a significant contributor to the Avondale Heights community, through its many ministries providing support to people in need.

These individuals & groups need to be resourced appropriately, thus the Thankgiving program. Please support it.

Fr. Nhân Le

Our parish motto is
“the world’s most livable Parish”

At present it is more an aspiration than a description, but we continue to make it a reality.

Presbytery Details

  • Telephone 9337 – 6016
  • Fax 9337 – 1943
  • Parish Priest Fr. Nhân Le