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"Mathematics is the abstract science of space, number and quantity." (Oxford, 1987)



Mathematics is a precise, quantitative way of making sense of, patterning and ordering our world. It provides us with the means of reasoning and solving problems in a universal way, as it crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries.

We teach Mathematics because it is vital for living. It helps us make sense of and discover our world by assisting in developing spatial concepts, lateral thinking and investigative, inquiry skills.

It therefore allows and empowers us to interact in real life situations, make meaning of them and further develop necessary life skills.

The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS), developed in 2007, is mandated for implementation in Victorian schools. It identifies dimensions of Mathematics which organise content into the areas of

  • Number,
  • Space,
  • Measurement and Chance & Data,
  • Working Mathematically and
  • Structure.
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