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At St Martin de Porres School we believe that the development of literacy is a lifelong process. The role of the school is to continue the language learning students have before school and to help them to become proficient language users throughout their lives in our society where there exists oral, visual and written language.

Our students are exposed to language in the variety of texts and contexts in which it is spoken, read, viewed and written. Learning English is concerned with a wide range of texts and media in print and electronic forms, including imaginative literature, popular fiction and non- fiction, personal writing, commercial and workplace texts, everyday communication, plays, film and other multimedia texts.

Learning about texts and language is important to the personal and social development of the individual. Students need to understand and control the English language to develop the confidence and competence to meet the demands of school, employment and further education as active and informed citizens.

Students are active participants in reading, viewing, writing, comparing and talking about texts. They are encouraged to explore a wide range of literature, everyday and media texts, as they think critically about both the local and global communities. Through this they are then able to use the texts they read and listen to as recourses in creating and constructing their own texts.

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