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Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information


Feel free to download a copy of the 2015 Prospectus or contact the school for a hard copy or for any other enquiries.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. For Prep enrolments, parents/guardians collect the ‘Application for Enrolment’ and Prospectus from the school, complete form and return (with the appropriate birth, sacramental and health documentation) by the advertised closing date. Please also note that all legal guardians (usually the father and mother) must sign the ‘Parent Declaration’ section on Page Five of the application.
  2. Mid Term One each year, parents/guardians should avail themselves of Open Days at St. Martin’s, where tours are undertaken for prospective parents/guardians.
  3. For new parents/guardians, application forms shall be accompanied by a $200.00 non-refundable deposit. ($150.00 of which is deducted from the following year’s school fee.)
  4. For new parents/guardians, an interview with the Principal and Parish Priest is required before provisional or full enrolment is accepted.
  5. At close of enrolment, Enrolment Criteria No. 1 – 7 and Criteria No. 11 is initially applied to each application by the Principal and Parish Priest. If there are still enrolment places available, enrolment criteria No. 8, 9 and 10 may be applied to include further enrolments.
  6. ‘Provisional enrolment’ is offered to those meeting the above criteria in section (e), at which time the school begins to investigate whether each applicant meets Criteria No. 1 and ascertain whether St. Martin’s  will meet the needs of each particular applicant.  Acceptance of provisional enrolment shall be confirmed in writing (hard copy or via email) by the legal guardian(s) within two weeks of an offer being made.
  7. Once  school  staff have  observed  provisional  applicants  and  if  deemed necessary,  sort the professional opinions of such people as the  Kindergarten teacher, paediatrician, speech pathologist, psychologist, occupational therapist, specialist organisations (such as ‘Scope’) associated with the provisionally enrolled to assess the accuracy of all information contained within the enrolment application, then ‘full enrolment’ may be offered, ‘part-time enrolment’ negotiated or ‘delayed enrolment’  placement  investigated  or  recommended.
  8. If demand for enrolment places exceeds the number of places available regarding families who initially meet Criteria No. 1 – 7 and Criteria No. 11, the first families by date of application will be offered provisional enrolment, pending an investigation as to the child’s ‘readiness,’ as considered under Criteria No. 1. Families with later enrolment dates shall be offered a place on a ‘waiting list,’ pending the outcome of the first round of offers.
  9. For families meeting Criteria No. 8, 9 or 10, where demand for enrolment places exceeds the number of places available, letters may also be distributed offering places on a ‘waiting list,’ pending the outcome of the first round of offers. Formal acceptance of ‘waiting list’ status is then required of these families.
  10. Letters of acceptance are distributed by mail to successful applicants by the beginning of June of the year preceding enrolment.
  11. Successful applicants shall formally accept or reject offer of place by the specified date. If formal acceptance is not received in writing or via email by the school by the specified date, the enrolment application may be set aside and the next family on the waiting list offered that place.
  12. Families who reject the offer of enrolment for any reason and then wish to be considered for enrolment at a later date, shall be considered a new enrolment, shall not receive preferential treatment related to their previous enrolment application and shall, therefore, be bound by enrolment procedures ( c ) through ( g ) above.
  13. Information with regard to orientation days for parents/guardians and orientation days for Prep children is distributed by early October of the year preceding enrolment. Orientation days are held by mid November of the year preceding enrolment and these are considered a requisite for enrolment.
  14. On-going enrolment will then be dependent on the parent/guardian(s) completing and not withholding any information required on the enrolment application and signing the annual agreement to comply with with all school policy statements and variations in school policy statements distributed to families each November.
    On-going enrolment will also be dependent on the family complying with the Parent Code of Conduct in general & Section 6 in particular.
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