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Pastoral Care

Supportive Strategies

Supportive Strategies

If the ideals of Pastoral Care are to be achieved, pastoral structures must be collaboratively constructed, well coordinated, adequately resourced and subject to ongoing evaluation.

There are also many resources within the wider community which support Pastoral Care in our school. Church groups, family welfare services, respite care and health services are an example of these.

It is important that St. Martin de Porres identifies and builds up strong links with all the agencies that may be able to support students in need. To this end, the establishment and coordination of networks of care must be a major priority in our school’s Pastoral Care Program.


This will be achieved as we…

  • establish and maintain a directory of appropriate pastoral resources;
  • enhance the school’s Student Wellbeing Coordinator position;
  • encourage and support the Student Representative Council;
  • promote the Parish School Advisory Board;
  • encourage and support the Parents’ & Friends Association;
  • continue to provide orientation programs for students, parents, school staff and parishioners.
  • develop and implement a complaints and concerns policy and procedures.



This program will be evaluated on an annual basis.

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