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Pastoral Care


Quality Relationships

The fostering of high-quality interpersonal relationships between students, parents and school staff is a responsibility shared by everyone.

School staff / parents need to be known as caring, compassionate adults who take a real interest in the lives of their students / children.

Similarly, students need to recognise their own potential for building acceptance, trust, esteem and friendship amongst their peers and within the parish community.

Relationships of trust, cooperation and partnership need to be developed between the school and family members, between school staff and students.

Current school initiatives such as the exploration of various definitions, models and strategies for enhancing student empowerment  should enable the above.

Respect for, and sensitivity to, diverse cultural values and family structures also need to be acknowledged.

While Pastoral Care initiatives must respect the privacy of students’ lives, some students and their families actively seek the school’s support in times of crisis and instability, within the limits of its resources and expertise.


This will be achieved as we…

  • promote the ‘open door’ policy for parents, practised by the school’s leadership;
  • encourage the ‘ease of access’ for parents to the school and classroom;
  • enhance Parent Information Nights, general classroom and subject specific for parents;
  • provide parent training programs, such as ‘Classroom Helpers’ & ‘Excursion Helpers’ courses;
  • continue to develop the social & emotional skilling program;
  • continue to encourage social activities for parents and activities including school staff;
  • offer formal and informal gatherings of staff, parents and students;
  • further develop the regular celebrations of liturgy and Sacraments as a school and parish community;
  • develop strategies for enhancing student empowerment in the school;
  • promote collaborative learning approaches
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