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Discipline & Responsibility

Discipline & Responsibility

School parents, students and staff need to recognise that everyone has fundamental freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Behaviour management and school rules are intended to promote good order and, as such, are positive concepts.

They can also be viewed as aids to the fostering of self-discipline and responsibility, particularly for students as they progressively grow in their capacity to exercise moral judgement, democratic values and a concern for the common good.

All members of the school community need to know that every action taken has a consequence.


This will be achieved as we…

  • implement a social & emotional skilling program which adapts various resources;
  • develop and implement a whole school behaviour management policy based on ‘Assertive Discipline’ and ‘Restorative Justine’, which also deals with school bullying;
  • develop a ‘Sexual Harassment’ policy;
  • develop a ‘Code of Conduct for Parents’ policy will also be formulated by the School Advisory Board and distributed to families for implementation.
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