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We are living in a rapidly changing world, with many complex changes directly effecting families & how children present at school.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning at St Martin de Porres

More than ever before the complexity of children & their life situations impact on the school environment and school staff are required to know & understand these complexities on an individual basis & translate this knowledge into effective learning programs.

To formulate these more personalised programs, staff need to be more highly trained in knowledge & skill than any professional teacher of the past.

This requires teachers & support staff to undergo regular & effective training & development programs each year.

All professional development programs for school staff relate directly to the four year School Development Plan which will was re-articulated in 2011 for 2012 – 2015, from which an annual action plan is formulated each October for the following year.

Some of these programs are classroom specific & therefore only appropriate for individual teachers.

Other programs, such as student free days, are the only occasions we are able to have all or most staff present at the one time – for team building & for developing & reaching a common, whole school understanding with regard to particular issues, policies or education strategies.

In recent years, there have also been a number of significant, additional State & Federal Government priorities which schools have been obliged to implement.

These also need to be developed as a whole school approach in order that these priorities are successfully implemented.

There is a direct connection between the level of quality training & development school staff undertake & the quality of the learning each child experiences.

The more quality staff development, the more quality student learning.

The challenge for school staff & the Parish School Advisory Board, is to ascertain each year what school development is required, what staff professional training & development is required to achieve this, & in what time frame – without unduly disrupting existing school programs, parents & students.

Most student free days have been set for 2013 & other days may be necessary, dependant on whether there are additional education system or State / Federal Government priorities to be implemented.

The Victorian Government Department of Education has gazetted (mandated) that the first day of the school year (January 29th  2013) and the last day of the school year (December 20th 2013) are to be school closure days & the Catholic Education Office has directed that four other days during the school year can be allocated as further school closure days for staff development.

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