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St Martin de Porres parish school is situated in the north – western suburb of Avondale Heights, approximately 11 kms from Melbourne.


Our Profile and History

The school opened in 1965, Father O’Keefe having approached the Resurrection Sisters to staff it.

The first lay principal was appointed in 1978.

In 1994 a member of the Augustinian sisters who resided in the parish was appointed to the school.

As at February 2011 the school had an enrolment of 285 from 206 families.

138 families speak a language other than English in the home, representing 67.5% of the student population.

The main languages spoken are

  • Vietnamese 31%,
  • Italian 9%,
  • Croatian 5%,
  • Chinese 3% (Cantonese) and
  • Spanish 3%.

With regard family structures, 90% of children have two-parent families. Of the 206 families, 30% live outside the parish boundaries.

Of the total enrolment,

  • 80% are Catholic,
  • 3.4% are Orthodox,
  • 2.9% Uniting or other ‘christian’ religion,
  • 2.4% Buddhist,
  • 1.9% Hindu,
  • 1.5% Muslim
  • with the remaining 8% not indicating any form of religious denomination.

74% of 2011 Prep enrolment is Catholic compared to 77.5% for all Catholic schools.

There are 26% of children enrolled in additional educational classes outside school, the main ones being Vietnamese, Chinese and Greek language schools.

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