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Guiding Principles

Enrolment – Guiding Principles

Decisions on student enrolments will be based upon the following:

  1. Parents are the first educators of their children and have the obligation and the right to ensure an adequate education for their children, consistent with their rights and obligations and their beliefs and values.
  2. Once a child becomes a member of the Catholic Church through Baptism, the parents and the Church have a commitment towards its new member. One of the obligations is to give the child the opportunity to be educated as a Catholic.
  3. Subject to provisions listed below in sections 8~10, St. Martin de Porres parish exercises its commitment and responsibility to Catholic students by welcoming all Catholic students of appropriate age and readiness to its parish school.
  4. Students shall be deemed ready for full enrolment when the school is satisfied it has received enough information through observation and accurate medical, developmental, paediatric, psychological or speech information or documentation to consider the student ready – physically, emotionally, socially & intellectually for the learning environment offered by the school.
  5. Student physical readiness is considered as inadequate unless the school is presented with the required proof that full immunization has occurred prior to December of the year prior to enrolment.
  6. Parents or legal guardians are required to provide all developmental, paediatric and speech information to the school related to the prospective student at all stages of the enrolment process and at any time while enrolled at the school. All associated costs for any of the above is to be borne by the parents or legal guardians.
  7. Students shall be deemed of appropriate age to begin school (i.e. Preparatory/Foundation) if they have reached their 5th birthday by April 30th of the year of enrolment.
  8. Students enrolled in the school shall be Catholic students, and non Catholic enrolments should not exceed recommended limits.
  9. A normal criterion for enrolment of a Catholic student in St. Martin de Porres Parish School is that the student is a member of the parish of St. Martin de Porres Avondale Heights or lives within the defined boundary of the parish.
  10. The parish of St Martin de Porres is bounded on the West, South and East by the Maribyrnong River and then Steele’s Creek to Buckley Street. The North Boundary is Buckley Street and its continuation to Rimcross Drive and then by extension to the Maribyrnong River. It coincides exactly with the Census Collection district of Avondale Heights and the postcode area 3034.
  11. Parental contribution, needed for the maintenance of Catholic schools, be at a level which enables parents to exercise a free choice of schooling without undue financial hardship.
  12. The Parish School Advisory Board has the responsibility to consult with various diocesan and civil authorities to plan and implement enrolment processes for the immediate and long term effectiveness of the school.
  13. Where geographic characteristics or transport problems inhibit attendance at the parish school of children from certain areas, cooperative arrangements regarding enrolment boundaries shall be made with neighbouring parishes and schools.
  14. There will be occasions when, for personal reasons, parents / guardians apply to enrol a child at St. Martin’s from outside the parish. Such arrangements shall be considered ~ in consultation with the Parish Priest and Principal of the schools involved.
  15. Measures which purport to gauge the degree of faith commitment of parents shall not be used as criteria for enrolling a Catholic student at St. Martin de Porres Parish School.
  16. The ability of parents to pay school fees shall not be used as a criterion for enrolling a Catholic student at St. Martin de Porres Parish School.
  17. Academic criteria shall not be used to exclude Catholic students from St Martin de Porres Parish School.
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